Our Mission

As a non-profit organization the NanoComputer DreamTeam was organized as an Internet based company, providing a public access domain for people from all walks of life to share information and ideas that would result in development of a NanoComputer. From this original mission the organization has grown into an information and education focused team with a mandate to develop public domain ClearingHouses for scientific research papers and innovative curriculum. Team membership is still encouraged to share information as the nano field explodes with new research discoveries, enabling a wide variety of people to communicate and discuss a vast arena of topics in the forums. Growth in all areas of this incredible field of science has reinforced the belief that information should be shared globally if we are to move forward in unity of thought and purpose.

Why Nano?

Technology is rapidly nearing the final barrier in the micro-electronic and silicon chip level of development, thereby; science has entered into the new era of the atomic realm. This is the "World of NANO" research that involves every area of science and is moving forward in quantum leaps. Once you understand the big picture and realize that all creation is comprised of clusters of molecules, which contain the individual atoms, you are able to see where everyone is heading. We will be able to control the molecular manipulation of one atom at time. If you understand the molecular make up and structure of something, then using what we term as "Top-Down" logic, the inverse becomes true and again the old adage "As Above, So Below" comes to mind. If we know what the "Top-Down" molecular make-up is, we can replicate this using "Bottom-Up" technology by assembling it one atom at a time until it has the same structure as the "Top-Down" makeup. When this ability reaches the manufacturing stage of development the paradigm shift will affect every area of our lives. Our goal is to provide knowledge and understanding to the public domain while the field is still in the research stage. We hope you will join us!

Michael McDonald, aka"CaptNano"
V.P/Executive Director